Income Calculations

In Crouse v. Crouse, No. 639 MDA 2013 (unpublished, January 7, 2014), the mother and father settled their child and spousal support case when they first separated in 2008. At that time, Father was a principal of a corporation in the construction industry. Eleven months later, the support obligation was reduced when one of the children […]

Business Owner’s Bad Bookkeeping Criticized in Child Support Action

July 27, 2013 Child Support

The Superior Court articulated its intolerance for a business owner’s shady bookkeeping practices in M.K.K. v. T.C.J., No. 129 WDA 2012 (July 25, 2013), a child support action arising from Washington County. The father in this case, who owned and operated a vacuum cleaner sales and repair shop as a Schedule C business for over thirty […]

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Gifts Still Not Income in Child Support Proceedings

May 20, 2013 Child Support

In Suzanne D. v. Stephen W., 2013 Pa.Super. 93 (April 22, 2013), the Superior Court contemplated how to characterize $350,000 in money transfers that father received from his father, in the context of a post-divorce child support proceeding. Father testified that the transfers were loans, evidenced by a promissory note, which would be deducted from […]

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2011 Child Support Law Update

October 25, 2011 Child Support

Once again this fall, I am the course planner, author and lecturer for the child support portion of Family Law Update, an annual survey of the latest developments in Pennsylvania’s child support law and procedures. A copy of my PowerPoint presentation is available here. While there weren’t many new precedents published this year by the […]

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Double Dip and Goodwill Considered by Wisconsin Supreme Court

August 15, 2011 Alimony

Last month the Wisconsin Supreme Court weighed in on two issues that are important to family lawyers and their clients who operate professional practices like physicians, lawyers, dentists and accountants. In Marriage of McReath, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that “saleable” goodwill would be considered marital property, in a case where a dentist argued that […]

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10 Cash Flow Rules In Divorce (Part I)

September 28, 2010 Alimony

In business, they say, cash flow rules. The same principle is true, I find, in divorce. I have been brainstorming a set of cash flow “rules” for divorcing spouses. Here is part one: 1.  Never run out of cash. My #1 divorce rule is the as Inc Magazine‘s #1 business rule. In divorce, there is […]

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Kids and summer jobs: Some tax reminders

July 12, 2010 Family Law News

My friends at Crawford Ellenbogen LLC  know a lot about taxes. One of their principals, Victor Dozzi CPA, recently sent me a great tip about kids who are earning income from summer jobs, and I asked him if I could share it with you. He agreed, so here it is: Are your children working at […]

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Official PA Child Support Calculator

October 23, 2009 Child Support

I have added a page to my site with links to the official Pennsylvania child support calculator, published by the Pennsylvania Automated Child Support Enforcement System (PACSES).

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Sneak Preview: 2009 PBI Family Law Update

October 22, 2009 Child Support

I am presenting the most recent Pennsylvania cases involving child support, spousal support and alimony pendente lite.

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More on Blazer: Retained Earnings Not Income for Alimony

September 25, 2009 Complex Financial Issues

The Court noted that there is no statutory definition of “income” for alimony cases in California, and it was unclear whether retained earnings could be properly categorized as “income” for alimony purposes.

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