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World’s Most Expensive Divorce

by Brian Vertz on May 31, 2014

She got less than half, but divorcee Elena Rybovleva, ex-wife of Russian fertilizer king Dmitri Rybovlev, age 47, can hardly complain about what she received in her recent divorce, billed as “the world’s most expensive.”  Out of a $12+ billion fortune, a Swiss divorce court carved out more than $4.5 billion for ex-wife Elena. The stakes were high.  The New […]

Same-sex Spouses Get Equal Treatment under ERISA, says DOL

September 30, 2013 Family Law News

Same-sex couples will be treated as equal to other married couples under the law that governs health insurance and retirement benefits for private employers.  The U.S. Department of Labor recently issued Technical Release 2013-04 (September 18, 2013), which provides: On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled, in United States v. Windsor, […]

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Child Witness May Testify About Abuse

January 21, 2012 Family Law News

On remand from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has affirmed the conviction of a father who twisted and broke his 7 month-old son’s arm. Com. v. Allshouse (January 20, 2012). A 4 year-old sibling witnessed the abuse and described it to a CYF case worker who interviewed her at her grandparents’ home […]

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Introducing “The Anti-Antagonist”

October 12, 2011 Family Law News

Those who know me know that I encourage settlement. Of course, there are times when we must go to war, but often we end up making peace, sometimes even after a battle or skirmish. One possible avenue for achieving settlement is mediation, and one of the best-known divorce mediators in our area is Ann L. […]

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Brewing Up a Cure 2011

October 9, 2011 Family Law News

This event was so much fun, I decided to post a picture. Here’s me with two members of the Steel City Derby Demons, a Pittsburgh women’s roller derby team that competes in the North Hills. They were some of the featured guests (along with dozens of home-brewed and local craft beers) at “Brewing Up a […]

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Divorce – Your First Legal Strategy Decisions

February 17, 2011 Divorce

The initial weeks of a marital separation are probably the most turbulent, uncertain part of the divorce process. The first few choices that spouses must make when they are contemplating divorce are important legal strategy decisions that require thoughtful consideration. Your divorce lawyer can help to assess the risks and possible consequences of those initial […]

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Entrepreneurs at Greater Risk of Divorce?

January 3, 2011 Business Valuation

The holidays have given me some time to catch up on my overdue reading list. One article I recently caught was Inc. Magazine’s November 2010 article on entrepreneurs who divorce. Business owners may be at greater risk of divorce, the article suggests, because of the time and emotional investment that a fledgling business requires, the […]

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Best of 2010 in Pennsylvania Divorce Law

January 1, 2011 Family Law News

This time of year, nearly every magazine and website is publishing a Best-of-2010 article. I won’t buck the trend, because it’s a good opportunity to review the interesting and important development in divorce this year. Here are some links to the most important developments: Divorce courts must tax-affect marital assets even if they will not […]

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What’s the Hullabaloo about Balicki?

December 12, 2010 Alimony

In Balicki v. Balicki, 2010 Pa.Super.134 (2010), the Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s decision to discount the value of an insurance business, based on the hypothetical income taxes that would be incurred by its owner upon sale of the business. The trial court’s decision was itself a reversal of the master’s report, in which […]

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New Custody Law On Guv’s Desk

November 19, 2010 Family Law News

In a surprise vote earlier this week, the Pennsylvania House passed HB1639, the sweeping custody reform legislation that has been held up in committee for nearly ten years. This bill, awaiting the governor’s signature, is intended to assuage the concerns of father’s rights groups while codifying the case law that has governed Pennsylvania’s custody disputes […]

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