Spousal Support – APL

In an unpublished opinion, the Superior Court affirmed a Fulton County decision denying alimony pendente lite (APL) to an unemployed husband who was accused of delaying the divorce. In DeSaulniers v. DeSaulniers, No. 1386 MDA 2012 (July 3, 2013), the husband and wife participated in master’s hearings to divide marital property in late 2010. A master’s […]

Unsuccessful Defense of Support Obligation Affirmed

May 8, 2012 Child Support

Three related issues were addressed by the Superior Court last month in SMC v. WPC, 2012 PA Super 92 (April 24, 2012). First, the Superior Court held that evidence of post-separation misconduct rising to the level of indignities is not sufficient to establish a defense to spousal support unless it sheds light upon similar misconduct prior […]

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