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In Pennsylvania, as in every other state, child support is calculated according to the guidelines published by the state supreme court. Child support guidelines are designed to make calculations rapid and easy. For this reason, the child support guidelines place primary emphasis upon the incomes of the parents, rather than expenditures. The guidelines are based upon surveys (the Income Shares model) that reveal the percentage of income that most intact families spend on their children.

The support guidelines are revised periodically, at least every few years. The support guidelines contain a table to calculate the proper amount of child support, based upon the parents’ net monthly incomes or earning capacities.

PA Child Support Guidelines

The Pennsylvania Child Support guidelines were amended on January 12, 2010, effective May 12, 2010. The new guideline has an uppermost limit of $30,000 per month combined net income and a fixed formula for determining child support in cases over $30,000 per month. The budget-based formula under Melzer v. Witsberger has been abolished as of May 2010. This may result in a change in child support for many high income child support cases. For a calculation of what you should be receiving or paying under the new guidelines, a child support calculator can provide an estimate but a Pennsylvania divorce attorney can provide a more accurate result. The exact text of the amended guidelines is shown at the bottom of this page.

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