LAM v. CR (2012 PA Super 45, February 27, 2012) – Superior Court affirmed decision to allow Mother to relocate from York County to Boston. No majority opinion was issued, but Judge Donohue published a dissenting opinion. In her opinion, Judge Donohue criticized the majority’s holding that the 2011 Child Custody Act did not apply. […]

Custody Relocation Notice is Not Tacit Admission, says Superior Court

March 31, 2012 Child Custody

In CMK v. KEM (March 27, 2012), the Superior Court took up the case of a mother who followed the notice procedures for custody relocation under the 2011 custody statute. She sent a notice to her child’s father, advising him that she intended to move from Grove City, Mercer County, to Albion, Erie County, a […]

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Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines Amended

September 22, 2011 Child Support

The Pennsylvania child support guidelines were modified on August 3, 2011, effective September 3, 2011.

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Child Support Contempt Defendants Not Entitled to Counsel, Says U.S. Supreme Court

August 16, 2011 Child Support

Child support contempt defendants are not entitled to court-appointed representation even in cases where incarceration is threatened, says the U.S. Supreme Court, but the state courts must follow procedures that ensure the fundamental fairness of contempt proceedings. In Turner v. Rogers, Docket No. 10-10, June 20, 2011, the Court considered the rights of a South […]

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Superior Court Finds No Jurisdiction in Interstate Case (UCCJEA)

April 13, 2011 Child Custody

One of the most-respected judges to sit in Family Division here in Allegheny County, Hon. Eugene B. Strassburger, Jr., recently ascended to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. His first published opinion in a Family Division matter was released this month, demonstrating remarkable judicial restraint. In BJD v. DLC, 2011 Pa.Super. 74 (April 11, 2011), Judge […]

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Homeschooling Children Does Not Justify Alimony, says Superior Court

March 19, 2011 Alimony

In Kent v. Kent (March 18, 2011), the Superior Court of Pennsylvania rejected a parent’s argument that she should be entitled to collect alimony for a period of eleven years so that she could continue to homeschool the parties’ minor children. It was undisputed in this case that the mother had withdrawn from the workforce […]

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Kids and summer jobs: Some tax reminders

July 12, 2010 Family Law News

My friends at Crawford Ellenbogen LLC  know a lot about taxes. One of their principals, Victor Dozzi CPA, recently sent me a great tip about kids who are earning income from summer jobs, and I asked him if I could share it with you. He agreed, so here it is: Are your children working at […]

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International Child Support and Custody Disputes

July 5, 2010 Child Support

An article in the ABA Journal this month focuses attention on the growing problem of international child support and custody disputes. With the advent of global travel and internet relationships, more and more parents are facing the challenge of enforcing child support and custody orders across national boundaries. Some parents describe experiences that sound like scenes from a […]

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Abbott Dissent: Opposing View on Hague Convention

May 20, 2010 Child Custody

Justice Stevens wrote that the non-relocation order was merely a restriction on the mother’s custody rights, not “rights of custody” that would justify the more stringent remedy under the Hague Convention.

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SCOTUS Rules on International Custody Case: Child Removed in Violation of Non-Relocation Order Must be Returned

May 19, 2010 Child Custody

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the international child custody treaty (the Hague Convention) requires the return of a child who was removed in violation of a non-relocation order.

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